0.0 Becoming a Digital Marketer – How to find purpose and aim?

You know, my students today were exceptionally dumb, I explained them the theorem and the reasoning once – all blank faces, then I went through it again – same. THIRD TIME I explained it I began to understand it, but they still wouldn’t!”

I heard this joke at least half a dozen of times, when my dad wanted to make a point that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach someone else about it. (My dad is big on life lessons buried at the end of a funny story, eventually you start to see it coming).


Having a MSc Marketing Management diploma and work experience as an Account Manager in a creative advertising agency Milk and an Associate Campaign Manager at LinkedIn as well as a ton of projects, I had though about writing a blog for a while, primarily in order to preserve the few bits of know-how that otherwise would get forgotten. However, it wasn’t until I was told that I can’t write that I became serious. For someone highly passionate about communication and persuasion, this was just the right kind of insult to get going.

Therefore, here we are. I have a few tricks to share, but more so, I have ambitions for this blog and my Marketing Communications skills, that make me believe that the subsequent development and learnings will be worth documenting. If you are a fresh baked marketing graduate or someone needing to grow into a Marketer for startup or self branding reasons, I hope to assist you with some on actionable tips and advice (and give directions to the motivational jatta jatta jatta).

I pledge to:

  • Stick to topics of Social Media, Content and Campaign running
  • Keep posts under 500 words (or to publish a video with me dancing at a cross road during a traffic jam)
  • Not to advice anything I haven’t tried myself
  • Give actionable tips and avoid prose on why something is important
  • Filter in the most actionable advice from the industry
  • Work on my (questionable) sense of humor

Word count: 340


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