1.1 Why you NEED a blog, even if you’re a Yodeler in Siberia

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Beyoncé has a blog, so does Dalai Lama, Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft and Tinder. Is it time for you to take your thoughts online and make them public? If you are a business or a professional with a specialization, the answer is: absoluuutely! Even for a Yodeler in Siberia.

But you already keep a neat LinkedIn profile and a Facebook page for your brand, why spend time on blogging?


First and foremost, blogging is how you manifest expertise. With the global reach,  “Leader in …” homepage page puts you right along the global competition, where customers have little way of assessing or differentiating the service before paying for it.

Individual professionals may rely on word of mouth to put them forward, but what if you have skills or knowledge you do not currently employ? Will you be taken into consideration when that expertise is needed?

In the case of Ivan, a Yodeler in Siberia, here‘s an extensive Yodeler directory that he’s not even part of. By keeping up a blog about the best practices and secrets of yodeling, Ivan can differentiate himself  as a true expert when it comes to yodeling and become top choice for advice and performances (fame comes after). 


Every single blog post creates an extension of your website that is indexed by search engines. The more you blog in the area of your expertise, the more times specific and distinct keywords are associated with your website, which helps to climb up the search result page and broaden your traffic.

For Ivan, it’s highly important to be found on search engines, as he doesn’t have an established name. By starting a blog today, Ivan could ensure he’s building a network of keywords to be found by.


Blogging does not only voice expertise, but it’s also a way to express views and insights by making a stand, be it a new process method or a take on a social issue. In turn, a fresh perspective on a current topic can bring valuable (social) media coverage.

Let’s say Ivan writes about the effects of global warming on his environment and craft (making records from the acoustically perfect Siberian holes). Global warming may in itself be old news, however, Ivan provides a new perspective to consider and therefore creates value.


Probably the best part of business or professional blogging is cost. Keeping a blog has virtually zero media costs and relatively low production costs in comparison to traditional print, TV, radio or online ads.

Therefore, if due to passionate yodeling Ivan only has a sock with a hole for a rainy day, it’s not to stop him from blogging.


Blogging is essentially creating value through sharing and it’s in the heart of Inbound Marketing (championed by Hubspot) – attracting customers rather than paying to find them with advertising (Outbound Marketing). Therefore, whether you promote a business or yourself, blogging is a great low cost tool to propel you!

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