Abigail Egle Zilinskaite strapboot digital, bootstrap marketing

Hi there! Nice to see you!

I’m Abigail, a Digital Marketer with a bias for action, lean strategies and bootstrapping , and I am here to share actionable advice for taming the online communication. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to translate the textbook knowledge into practice or a entrepreneur bootstrapping your way through and needing to pick up some tricks, this blog is here to serve you with actionable tips and advice.

The blog begins with digi-gritty and grows into 3 streams of Content (posts starting with 1.x), Social Media (2.x) and Campaign Management (3.x) topics. I share knowledge founded during a masters degree in Marketing Management (RSM, Erasmus University, Netherlands), experience as Account Manager in an advertising agency “Milk” and as Associate Campaign Manager at LinkedIn as well as driving content for WISDOMstockholm conference and leading my own advertising agency start-up “Immature Professionals”.

I would love to hear from you whether you find it useless or useful, if you have questions or can add something! I have 2 ears and a pair of eyes dedicated for it. Leave a comment or drop me a note at abigail.e.zilinskaite@gmail.com. I always answer (eventually).


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